1. Ram's Horn Previs
-responsible for rough layout of shots
-acted as previs lead

2. Andre (Ram's Horn)
-designed character
-adjusted model to increase appeal
-posed figure

3. Rambo (Ram's Horn)
-adjusted model to increase appeal 

4. Unused Style Test (Ram's Horn)
-took cg animation (rendered w/out lighting) and applied a traditional effect including the addition of traditionally animated line work and smear frames.

 5. Ram's Horn Intro
-designed and drew the mountains which where used in the intro sequence of Ram's Horn

6. Heirloom Tomato
-simple model created in Maya
-procedurally shaded in Houdini

7. Typewriter Reel
-created CG reel to blend into photograph
-modeled in Maya, shaded in Houdini and Mari, comped in Nuke

8. Windmill
-procedural modeling in Houdini
-variable parameters allows for a wide range of appearances

 9. Brick Wall Script
-python script which generates a brick wall in Maya based off of a piece of geometry and a curve (forgive the typo in the video)

10. Slingshot Animation (Ram's Horn)
-responsible for animation

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